Mobile app Development

Mobile apps are portable tools which can put your business in people’s pockets and help you connect with larger audience. SketchInd can convert your massive ideas with the help of our team of designers and developers to provide right platform and develop user friendly mobile apps which can build integrity of your brand and promote your business. From building server based APIs to API integrations to social logins to local in-app database, we do it all. The integrity of your vision will be maintained and at the same time our skilled team members will polish and develop easy to use, clear and creative mobile apps.

Android app development:

With over 80% market share of the Smart phone market, android market plays a very crucial work. Android apps can help you manifest your business quickly and rapidly. Our app developers and designers can join hands to create truly innovative and creative android apps.

iOS app development:

We have an experience in building business enhancing I-phone apps. We are committed to provide solutions that help our clients to enhance their online business with the use of latest technologies. You can use our services to incorporate and bind business with technology. We will work to identify what makes your product unique and then synthesize your input to produce user friendly products and target audience. These developed apps can make you more versatile and valuable in your industry.

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HTML5 use standard web technologies like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to build your mobile app. This approach helps you build cross-platform mobile applications that work on multiple applications.

We help you build hybrid apps which are primarily built using HTML5 and JavaScript and then wrapped inside a thin native container that provides access to native platform features.

Multi-touch, fast graphic API, fluid animation, built-in components, ease of use and documentation- all under one roof can be provided by Native app development.

Produce mobile applications which can be simple, effective and user-friendly by using an UI design mobile app.